Kraken will soon launch its NFT marketplace [2022]

Kraken, one of the pioneers of cryptocurrency exchange platforms will soon launch its own NFT platform .

The exchange has just opened its waiting list for a platform called Kraken NFT which has many advantages for all NFT fans!

Kraken launches into the deep end of NFTs

The year 2021 marked a new milestone in the growing adoption of NFTs. OpenSea has seen strong growth, with trading volume on the platform exceeding $2 billion each month. The leader represents between 68 and 88% of the NFT market, a considerable figure testifying to its virtual monopoly at present.

Also, exchange giants such as Binance, Coinbase and even FTX have each launched their own platform dedicated to non-fungible tokens, to bite into the lucrative NFT cake.

Kraken enters the dance in turn by offering to join a waiting list for Kraken NFT which will be launched in the coming months. The exchange already has a prominent place in the crypto ecosystem ranking in the top 5 of the category on Coinmarketcap. It is therefore a logical continuation to diversify and attract new users.

A platform with many advantages

One of Kraken’s strong points is the lack of gas fees on the platform. Indeed, once the NFTs are listed on the platform, users will not have to pay gas fees linked to this or that blockchain. You can therefore buy an NFT on Ethereum without having to pay the sometimes high gas costs of the blockchain.

Another benefit of Kraken NFT is an in-platform rarity tool. No need to go through a third party site to check the rarity of an NFT in a collection. Saving time and a simplified experience for users that could make the difference in favor of this marketplace.

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Late last year, Kraken CEO Jesse Powell also said he wanted Kraken NFT users to be able to borrow funds using reputable and well-valued NFT collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club and Cryptopunks. But for now, no confirmation from Kraken. This possibility seems to be under study in many areas including that of decentralized finance, showing the development and growing interest in NFTs.

The battle of the NFT marketplaces is well and truly on. Kraken has a solid reputation and has considerable advantages to be able to grab market share.

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