In an official blog post, LinkedIn announces changes to optimize the content offered in the newsfeed and thus improve the user experience. A news that will be appreciated by all those who are fed up with the omnipresence of “clickbait” posts on the professional network!

The content you should see less on LinkedIn

Following feedback from its users, LinkedIn will give less importance to the following content:

  • Posts that drive artificial engagement: Many users complain about posts that encourage the community to engage via likes or reactions for the sole purpose of boosting their reach. LinkedIn states, “We will not promote this type of content and we encourage everyone in the community to focus on delivering content that is trustworthy, credible, and authentic.”
  • Polls from people you don’t know : Some users are tired of seeing too many polls from people you don’t know appear in their newsfeed. This is why the professional network indicates that it will take measures to avoid this, and specifies: “this means fewer surveys from people you do not know and more surveys from people in your network with whom you are more likely to engage you. »

Content that will be promoted more by LinkedIn

LinkedIn also explains what you’ll now be more likely to see in your News Feed:

  • The most important news for your network: LinkedIn is aware that there may be content suggestions that are not always very relevant in the news feed (and in the notifications too, for that matter…). Classic example: you see a post from an unknown person because someone in your network left a comment but you are not necessarily interested in it. Thus, the social network announces that it will favor the display of “more targeted activity from your network and where you will also be more likely to join the conversation. ” 
  • News and insights from opinion leaders, experts or creators depending on your field and your interests: according to feedback, users also want to obtain more relevant news from influencers in their field (thus people outside their network) . This can make it possible to obtain truly enriching information (and tips!) for your professional career and your daily work. Thus, LinkedIn will work to identify expert content that matches user profiles in order to highlight it in their newsfeed.

Options for more controls over your LinkedIn feed

In addition, LinkedIn announces an option to report posts that do not interest you (by clicking on the 3 small vertical dots at the top right of a post). The goal: “to let people know that you don’t want to see so much content from a certain creator/author, or topic, or if you think the specific content might go against the policies of the professional community . An option to view less political content is also being tested in the US initially and may expand to more countries if user feedback is positive.

Source : LinkedIn

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