Are you looking for free and easy-to-use software to effectively protect your Windows computer from malware? LMT AntiMalware is the software for you. It is a security software specially designed for Windows computers and is capable of providing real-time protection against malware and other online threats .

Why use LMT AntiMalware?

Currently, cyberattacks are threats to be taken very seriously. Hence the need to protect your computer with the best software available. However, not all security software is free, or even effective.

Compared to other security tools like Kaspersky and Norton, LMT AntiMalware is software that will not affect your computer’s performance . It consumes very little system resources.

This software also offers several levels of protection . It is able to protect your computer against viruses, ransomware, keyloggers and other malware. But that’s not all…

LMT AntiMalware: free security software for your Windows PC
LMT AntiMalware: real-time protection against malware 5

LMT AntiMalware is also able to block screen , clipboard , webcam recordings and monitor microphone usage . It will also protect passwords in your web browser (Chrome, Edge Chromium or Firefox).

LMT AntiMalware: protect your computer against malware

LMT AntiMalware scans programs before they run and blocks program execution if it detects the presence of malware , viruses or other threats that can harm your PC.

Another benefit with this software is that it protects you even against Fileless Malware or Fileless Malware that goes undetected by traditional file signature based protection systems.

Finally, LMT AntiMalware also offers parental controls . Thanks to it, you can block porn sites and other adult images, among other things. A restricted mode on YouTube can also be activated.

How to use this software?

At first, download LMT AntiMalware . Once you have installed it, launch the program. The interface will be in English but if you wish to translate it into French, go to “ Settings ” (cogwheel icon), then click on “ French by ”. By the way, we thank this colleague for having translated the program into our language. Then close the program and relaunch it.

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Once this step is completed, go to the ” Dashboard “, you can then choose whether or not to activate real-time protection, web protection, basic firewall, folder protection and fileless malware protection.

For more advanced protection, go to ”  Protection “, you will have a whole list of protection available such as protection against browser vulnerabilities, microphone monitoring, webcam deactivation, and so on.

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