In this tutorial, we will see how to display the use of system resources (CPU, RAM, etc.) in macOS

In macOS there is an activity monitor to monitor the consumption of the processor, RAM, disk or network in real time. However, no option is offered to display its information in the menu bar. In this sense, I present to you today a small  open source utility  called  Stats  which quite simply allows you to display the use of system resources in the menu bar of your Mac .

Stats: a utility in charge of monitoring your Mac

View CPU, RAM, Disk, and Network usage on your Mac

Stats is an application that fits perfectly into the menu bar of macOS. It allows you to always keep an eye on your Mac usage.

By default, the Stats app shows you the percentage of your CPU, RAM, HDD / SSD, and network usage. However, from the application settings, you can add other additional information. For example, you can display the temperature of the processor (CPU), graphics card (GPU) or even the motherboard of your Mac.

You also have the possibility to display the rotation speed of the fans or the battery level of your Mac. In short, so much information that is more useful from each other.

In addition, still from the settings of Stats, you will also find customization options for each module: type of graph, color, update interval, number of main processes displayed, and so on.

Stats: customize CPU display


So, Stats is a utility tasked with monitoring your Mac and showing essential information about system resource usage from the Finder menu bar, which is free, open source, and necessary for every MacOS user.

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