macOS Ventura: 4 Best Tools For Productivity

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macOS Ventura is the latest operating system released by Apple in the fall of 2022. This new version of macOS includes a range of new tools designed to enhance productivity and facilitate collaboration. Among the most notable additions are four new tools that are particularly useful for those looking to streamline their work and get more done.

1. Stage manager

Stage manager is a new app introduced in macOS Ventura, which allows easy toggling between overlapping windows. It is designed to simplify multitasking by reducing clutter and keeping the central task in focus while other windows are minimized to the side of the screen. This app is ideal for users who work on multiple tasks simultaneously and need to switch quickly between different applications. The 3D thumbnail window rendering in Stage manager is also visually stunning, making it an excellent addition to the productivity tools in macOS Ventura.

The added bonus:

The 3D thumbnail window rendering is beautiful.

The advantage:

Easily toggle between multiple apps when doing multiple things at once.

2. Freeform

Freeform is another new app introduced in macOS Ventura, designed to facilitate collaborative work and creativity. It provides a shared virtual canvas for users to add various types of content such as documents, videos, and even drawings, making it an ideal tool for creative professionals using Macs. Freeform is easy to use and visually elegant, much like other native Apple apps. The app is a great resource for remote workers looking to brainstorm and sketch ideas together. Additionally, the app includes a unique feature that allows users to create beautiful drawings, even without prior drawing experience.

The added bonus:

You can create beautiful drawings, even without knowing how to draw.

The advantage:

Ideal for thinking together about the same idea and making sketches on the fly.

3. CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac X is a user-friendly application designed to declutter your Mac and optimize its performance. It is a powerful tool that allows users to easily locate and remove unnecessary files, including hidden files, app residues, and unused apps, freeing up valuable disk space. With the ability to delete up to 66 GB of useless files across all folders, CleanMyMac X is an excellent starting point for those who need to tidy up their Mac. The app provides a visual representation of the cluttered files to help users understand what is taking up space on their Mac. Additionally, CleanMyMac X comes with 29 optimization tools, an antivirus feature, and other useful features to keep your Mac running smoothly.

4. Spotlight Mac

Spotlight is a built-in search feature in macOS Ventura that has been revamped to provide a new search experience. In this new version, Spotlight adopts a new philosophy, becoming your “second Google” by combining Google and Siri functionality. Users can perform quick actions, such as launching a timer, directly from the search bar. When Spotlight performs a web search, it opens a mini-page displaying the results.

However, the revamped Spotlight is not limited to web searches but can be used for almost anything. One of its new features allows users to search for text within images. Additionally, search results now appear much faster, making it unnecessary to navigate to Google for a quick search. This new version of Spotlight is more powerful and versatile, providing users with.


Overall, these four tools make macOS Ventura a great choice for those looking to increase their productivity and efficiency. With these new features, users can work smarter, collaborate more easily, and get more done in less time.

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