I know there are some people like me who use one of their computer’s USB ports to charge their smartphone. But unfortunately, when your PC is off, so are the USB ports. It was therefore impossible for you to recharge your terminal in complete peace of mind.

So how to fix this problem? Is there a solution to keep your USB ports powered even if your PC is off? Well the answer is “YES” folks! To keep your PC’s USB ports powered even when it’s off, you have two ways to do it. Let’s see this together in the rest of this article.


How to maintain the power supply of the USB ports of the PC when this one is switched off?

First method:

1. If you have a fairly recent machine, you must go to the Bios, the internal firmware of the computer. To do this, turn off your PC, then restart it. Then press the key Suppr(or F1F2or F12depending on the Bios).

2. Once in the Bios, go to the “ Advances Bios Features ” page and look for the “ USB  section . Then enable the option to allow USB charging when the computer is off. On my test computer, this is called ” Powershare ” and you just need to check the ”  Enable USB Powershare ” box. Then exit the Bios without forgetting to save.

Second method:

1. Open ” Device Manager ” from the Windows Control Panel (right-click on the Windows 10 Start menu). Then unroll the entire section devoted to “ USB bus controllers ”.

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2. Double-click each “ USB Root Hub ” entry. And finally, from the “ Power Management ” tab , uncheck the box “ Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power ”. Validate with “ OK ”.

That’s it, when you have applied one of these two methods, and your machine is powered off, the USB ports will continue to be supplied with electricity and your smartphone will remain charged .

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