Make your screenshots more attractive with ProductShot

Many of us use screenshots as part of a professional, school or university project. Many of us even have our habits in this area. However, it is clear that sometimes screenshot tools only capture screen elements when we would like them to include other features such as editing, for example.

Indeed, if you make a screenshot to present a product or a process, it is necessary to highlight certain points so that the interlocutors can quickly grasp your idea/concept and find themselves in your explanations. However, with traditional snipping tools, you find yourself having to use another tool to edit your screenshots and make them more attractive or more understanding . The good news is that one tool brings all these features together and can help you significantly lighten your workload: ProductShot .

Customize a screenshot easily and for free

ProductShot is an online screenshot and image editing tool that allows you to easily, quickly and free edit your images and screenshots from your web browser. With this tool, you will no longer need an editor but that’s not all, you can also highlight all the elements to clarify and explain your screenshots and images with a magnifying glass.

To use this tool, you have two options: either you capture the image from your clipboard or you upload a conventional photo. But the first option is the most recommended since you will only have to select the image by clicking on ” Capture from clipboard ” or by making a CTRLV.

The image will then immediately appear in the ProductShot work area and all you have to do is move the magnifying glasses over the areas you want to enhance. In particular, you can modify their size, border and color to make them more attractive.

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When you have finished your modifications, all you have to do is upload your screenshot by clicking on ” Export “. You can then save your image in PNG format.

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