Manage Your Data Efficiently with Clipboard, the Ultimate Clipboard Tool

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Today, I’m extremely happy to introduce Clipboard (aka CB) to you—an incredibly efficient data management tool. It functions like a “telepath” with an infallible memory, but fear not, there’s nothing paranormal about it. Clipboard saves me valuable time by allowing me to store everything I need directly from the macOS, Windows, or Linux terminal.

With CB, you can effortlessly cut, copy, paste, add, delete, and take notes with just a single click, all from the terminal. This versatile tool can gather files, directories, text, or any other type of data and store them in an unlimited number of containers, whether temporary or persistent.

CB is available in multiple languages, completely free and open source (GPLv3), and offers customizable color themes. It’s designed to replace your OS clipboard seamlessly.

Moreover, you can automate even the most complex workflows by scripting CB.

To install it on Linux or macOS:

curl -sSL | sh

To install it on Windows, directly from a terminal launched as admin:

(Invoke-WebRequest -UseBasicParsing | powershell

I will provide you with some examples to help you understand how it works. Let’s suppose we want to copy 3 files into a container and cut 2 other files into another container. To accomplish this, you need to use the ‘cb’ command in combination with a specific command (such as cp, paste, cut, note, etc.) and an identifier for your container, like this:

cb cp_container1 file1.txt file2.txt file3.txt
cb cut_container2 file4.txt file5.txt

And then, to paste this:

cb paste_container1
cb paste_container2

Another example for taking notes:

cb note_perso "This is a personal note"
cb note_pro "And this is about work"

To display them:

cb note_perso
cb note_pro

And you can remove things from your containers if you want like here:

Obviously, it becomes even more interesting by combining it with other commands (via a pipe for example) or by making your own .sh scripts.

Finally, if you appreciate the project and wish to support it, do not hesitate to make a donation to them.

Charles F Flores

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