Manage your music library with Harmonoid

If you’re still going the old-fashioned way for your music, meaning streaming nothing and only ripped/purchased/downloaded digital files stored on your good old hard drive, I’m pleased to introduce you to Harmonoid.

Harmonoid is free software running on Windows and Linux, available in a portable version and capable of indexing all of your directories containing music so that you can then play it directly in the software and compose your own playlists.

Obviously, during the import, all the metadata is kept to respect the structure of the albums and show you nice covers.

The interface is pretty, rather fluid and there are even keyboard shortcuts to zap songs, change the volume or pause. Harmonoid uses very little RAM and offers lots of options to modify, for example, the pitch or the playback speed or even display the lyrics.

And the best part about it (I was saving the best for last) is that it supports Youtube Music. So you can play songs directly from the Google service, get recommendations, and save what you stream in playlists.

In short, a player halfway between Winamp and Spotify. (what ?)

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