Are you stuck in front of an operation, a subtraction, a multiplication, a division or any other mathematical operation? Don’t panic, I have what you need! I present to you today Mathfox , a web application that allows you to solve mathematical operations . To learn more, I invite you to continue reading this article.

Solve math problems with ease on Mathfox

Mathfox is an open-source web application that was developed by Harry Tom , a 15-year-old front-end developer. He notably designed Wikifox , a clean and simplified version of the famous online encyclopedia Wikipedia.

Today, he’s back with Mathfox, a web-based application that helps students and professionals solve all kinds of math problems . From the simplest operations such as additions, subtractions, multiplications or divisions, to more complex problems such as square roots, trigonometry, algebra, and so on. In total, the online tool supports no less than 100 different types of mathematical operations.

Solve a math problem with Mathfox

The app features a modern, easy-to-use, ad-free interface . In particular, you can choose between a dark mode and a light mode for the greatest pleasure of your eyes. In addition, using Mathfox is completely free and requires no account creation.

To use Mathfox, you just have to type your operation to be solved in the field provided for this purpose and press the key Entréeon your keyboard. The online tool will then take care of providing you with the answer to your problem in a fraction of a second.

Note that you are not obliged to use symbols to pose your operations. You can use plain text.

What you must remember

All in all, Mathfox is a great web application for solving any math problem. However, it requires some familiarity with certain types of calculations. I would have liked the developer to publish clearer documentation on the use of his tool, too bad…

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