Mbappé’s NFT Sorare card sells for over €400,000

Mbappé is the center of attention at the moment for football fans. Indeed, the suspense remains as to his future in Paris. But recently Mbappé has been talked about outside the green square. His NFT card has indeed sold for more than €400,000 on the Sorare platform!

Mbappé ignite the prices of his NFT card

The NFT card bearing the image of Mbappé has been auctioned. Bidding ended on May 4, 2022. The lucky winner is known as “TeamBambi”. To become the owner of this card, TeamBambi had to spend the tidy sum of… 153 ETH . At the current price, this represents an amount of €416,000!

If this figure is impressive, you should know that it is not a record. Last February, Erling Haaland ‘s player card sold for €600,000. It is therefore not only on the green square that these two extraordinary players compete!

Many specialists therefore expected a close or higher amount for the Mbappé card. If this was not the case, the card still sold €54,000 more than last year. A nice inflation for a player in full explosion.

What is the NFT Sorare game?

Sorare is a French company that now belongs to the circle of unicorns. In other words, Sorare’s capitalization is over one billion dollars ! The success of the NFT platform is based on the principle of its game which mixes Fantasy Football and traditional Panini football cards.

Thus, on Sorare, users can compose their own football team by buying 5 cards bearing the image of players. There are different levels of cards on Sorare: Commons, Limited, Rare, Super Rare, Unique. Mbappé’s card sold for €416,000 was in the rarest (and therefore most expensive) category, namely ” Unique “.

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The teams thus compete in a virtual championship . Depending on the results of their team, players can earn rewards. But how are matches managed on Sorare? In fact, the game takes into account the individual performances of the players in the real championship! The Sorare game is therefore fully connected with real football championships.

Purchasing cards on Sorare therefore fulfills two main functions:

  • Compose a team and enter the game;
  • Make an investment by betting on the increase in the value of the card if the player shines with his performance.

From a technical point of view, cards on Sorare are NFTs stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

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