In the world of connected watches, it is difficult to find a smartwatch with an AMOLED screen for less than 100 €. At less than 50 €, it’s an operation that is simply impossible… However, a new model has been released, the Mibro Lite. This new smartwatch from Xiaomi uses an AMOLED panel and has all the health and fitness functions you need on paper. The icing on the cake, its price. As is often the case with products from the Xiaomi ecosystem, it is very aggressive.

For your general knowledge, Mibro is a brand of Zhenshi Technology, which is invested by Xiaomi and Longqi and is one of the main members of Xiaomi’s ecological chain. The brand is keen to “provide users with high-quality, affordable high-tech products”. They independently design, develop and produce unique smart products and accessories.

But let’s get back to this watch that I’ve been using daily for a few days and the quality of its screen never ceases to amaze me. The displayed image is superb, even in broad daylight. Its slim design and excellent battery life hit the bull’s eye for the moment. It should always be noted that this is a smartwatch offered at a price of less than 50 €, and yet in these first approaches it does not have much to envy to watches costing three times its price.

I’m going to test this Mibro Lite more in depth (especially with the application that synchronizes it and pairs it with the phone) but take into account that for the launch of this watch on September 27, the brand will offer a reduction and several gifts to the first bursts of buyers . I will return to this point at the end of the article !

  • Mibro Lite: Design
  • Mibro Lite: AMOLED display overview
  • Mibro Lite: What possible uses?
  • Mibro Lite: a few words about the Mibro Fit app
  • Mibro Lite: What about autonomy and recharging
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Mibro Lite: Design

The Mibro Lite is a smartwatch with a circular design. A style that has started to spread well in the last five years, thanks to technological advances on screens compared to the first square connected watches. This shape reminiscent of classic watches is both sporty and elegant. The watch is also very comfortable to wear thanks to its light and thin body, we find ourselves easily forgetting it at the end of our wrist.

Mibro Lite Test

The 20mm wide matte strap that accompanies it is in black rubber and does not look cheap. The material used is liquid silica gel, which allows it not to be rigid. It remains flexible while being pleasant. One could simply blame it for the typeface used to stamp the brand on the bracelet guide, which denotes the rest of the very sober watch.

Mibro Lite Sensor

The button placed on the right side of the case perfectly matches the circular shape of the latter, which reinforces this premium aspect. Always taking into account the price, the finish is impeccable…

Mibro Lite Button

The watch is made of aluminum and has a width of 43mm, a thickness of 9.8 millimeters and weighs 48 grams with its strap. It is therefore solid while remaining light. You can wear it to play sports, go out with friends or go to a meeting, its presence will not be out of place in any of these cases.

Mibro Lite Parameters

This Mibro Lite is IP68 certified, which guarantees that it is resistant to dust and immersion up to 1.5 meters in fresh water. It is not likely to be damaged if you wear it while bathing, swimming or in the rain. Speaking of water, I was disappointed that it doesn’t (yet?) have a mode to track your swimming workout.

The most interesting feature of this watch is of course its AMOLED panel and all its functions. Here is a summary table of the technical characteristics of the Mibro Lite in order to clearly understand the product:

Mibro LiteCharacteristics / Functionalities
Dimensions and weightWatch  : 43 mm in diameter and 9.8 mm thick. Strap  : 20mm wide and 245mm long. Total weight  : 48 grams.
Filter1.3 ″ with circular AMOLED color   and touch screen with HD resolution (360 x 360 pixels) and 2.5D curved glass. With multiple dials to choose from and an always-on screen mode.
SensorsOptical sensor to monitor heart rate,  SpO2 to measure blood oxygen levels  and accelerometer.
Sport Modes15  : treadmill, outdoor running, walking, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, hiking, hiking, yoga, basketball, tennis, badminton, football, elliptical machine, strength training and free training.
FeaturesSleep quality monitoring and analysis , stress tracking, breathing training, reminders to take your medications, water or sedentary lifestyle, calculator, remote camera, media control, alarm, weather, stopwatch, customizable notifications for mobile apps (WhatsApp, Telegram, Gmail, SMS, calls, etc.) and for health functions, plus a function to find the clock.
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0
Battery and autonomy230 mAh  for an autonomy of 8 days in normal use and 10 days in basic mode. It charges magnetically.
CompatibilityAndroid 5.0 or higher / iOS 10.0 or higher
ApplicationMibro Fit

Now that you know how complete the Mibro Lite is, let’s analyze each of its important features.

Mibro Lite: AMOLED display overview

Now that I’m going to discuss the highlights of this watch, let’s talk about its screen. Unlike other smartwatches in the same price range, the Mibro Lite does not use an LCD or TFT display. This uses a premium AMOLED display with HD resolution that’s brighter, more colorful, and has higher definition than the vast majority of budget smartwatches. This new smartwatch uses a fully circular 1.3-inch size panel with rounded edges, which is spectacular in terms of design alone. Once the screen is on, the “wow” effect continues thanks to the sharpness, brightness and quality of the colors released by this screen. Important detail, the screen being large, you can view all the information without straining your eyes more than a classic watch.

Mibro Lite Smartwatch

In direct sunlight, the brightness set to maximum, the screen is beautiful and does not lose sharpness. Surprisingly, usually finding smartwatches under €50 with screens of this quality is strictly not possible. The Mibro Lite also has an Always On mode which is a good thing to always have a quick look at the time. This mode is also useful when faced with motion detection, which turns out to be a little capricious. Turning your wrist is sometimes not enough to turn on the screen, in this case you have to move it upwards (perpendicularly) to activate it, which is not a very natural gesture… Always On is very good, but why the hell does the brand limit the display of this mode to 20 minutes and why not be able to choose the information you want to display? This is the opposite of the purpose of this feature (always/always). I hope that these two points will be corrected in future firmware.Moreover at the time of writing these lines a new firmware (3.06) has just been made available, but these points still remain.

Mibro Lite Allays On

Although it didn’t bother me while using it, another important thing to mention is that the Mibro Lite only has one physical button to turn on the screen and open the apps menu. To navigate its functions, you must use your fingers because it is tactile.

Mibro Lite: What possible uses?

This smartwatch includes a good amount of sensors that allow you to monitor your health around the clock and record your sports activities accurately. It even has useful functions that, thanks to certain routines, will allow you to stay healthy at all times.

Mibro Lite Smartwatch Application

Small downside, the watch does not have GPS, so it will depend on your phone for certain features, but the Mibro Lite remains very versatile and complete.

Mibro Lite Smartwatch Blood Pressure Pression Sang

Here is the list of everything the Mibro Lite smartwatch can do:

  • 24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring : Measures your heartbeat whether during your workouts or while you sleep.
  • Sleep tracking : can help you learn more about your sleep quality, and even analyze it to give you tips to help you sleep better.
  • Blood oxygen measurement : it has an SpO2 sensor to detect blood oxygen saturation, a very important parameter to know if you are healthy.
  • All-day stress monitoring : This feature helps you release stress and regulate your mood through simple breathing exercises.
  • TRACK YOUR WORKOUTS IN 15 DIFFERENT SPORTS : It can track all your sports and health data when you run, walk, cycle, use the elliptical trainer, or do free or strength exercises. The watch is also capable of taking measurements during a hike, yoga, basketball, tennis, badminton, and even football.
  • Heart Rate Alert : This feature prompts you to indicate whether you are sleeping, resting, or exercising. The watch then alerts you with a vibration if it detects an abnormal heartbeat.
  • Reminders for everything : It is possible to set personalized reminders for the smartwatch to remind you to drink water, to take your medicine, to move (to avoid the stresses of a sedentary lifestyle) or even to read a book.
  • Alarms : You can also program up to 8 alarms on the watch which will wake you up with a strong vibration.
  • Built-in Calculator : Includes a calculator app that lets you do calculations from your wrist, without having to pull out your phone or a real calculator.
  • Shows you notifications from your apps : Just swipe up on the watch screen to see notifications from your phone. However, it is only possible to view notifications from a group of selected apps (calls, SMS, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Facebook Messenger Lite is not supported.
  • Extras : it also has a weather app (using the phone’s GPS), a function to find your watch if it’s lost, an option to control media playback on your device, and a remote camera function to take a photo with your phone by activating it from the watch.

I regret that it doesn’t have a menstrual cycle tracker like its sibling the Mibro Color , but as you can see it has useful features for just about every day-to-day scenario. As for the quality of its measurements, I can assure you that its health and sports activity tracking is reliable, but not medically accurate.

Mibro Lite: a few words about the Mibro Fit app

All information recorded by the Mibro Lite is stored in the Mibro Fit application which you must install on your mobile phone. This application is available for Android and iOS and connects to the smartwatch via Bluetooth (pairing is done quickly). The set works very well and allows you to see all the data measured by the Mibro Lite. These can also be configured in many ways.

Mibro Fit Application 1
Mibro Fit Application 9
Mibro Fit Application 6
Mibro Fit Application 10

From this app, you can change your watch face. At the time of writing this test, there are only 24 watch skins to choose from. There are several designs that I find cool, such as Japanese designs, classic watches or even colored spheres (Apple Watch style without the animation). Another good news, from this same application, you can create a personalized watch face for the Mibro Lite from an image of your choice!

Mibro Fit Application 7
Mibro Fit Application 8

And here is what the following 4 dials look like in real life:

Mibro Lite Dial Classic Classic
Mibro Lite Dial Japan
Mibro Lite Pink Dial
Mibro Lite Skull Dial

In the app, you can see calories burned, steps counted, distance traveled, battery level of the watch and much more. This app is even used to update the system version (firmware) of the Mibro Lite. Mibro Fit is really very easy to use and what it offers is presented in a very clear way so that you don’t get lost.

Mibro Fit Application 3
Mibro Fit Application 5
Mibro Lite Firmware Update Maj

However, and as is often the case with Chinese brands, I must point out that the application options are very poorly translated into French. It looks like Mibro translated this app using Google translator. No time seems to be allocated to this point at the start in the development process, which however does not seem like a heavy task.

In short, the French version of the application is not very well treated (and this is also noticeable on the watch). However, for me, despite a longer period of understanding, the experience was not ruined. This drawback does not affect the use of the functions at all once you know them and know what they do. Anyway, I hope Mibro will fix this problem because it is still visible at the first interaction with the user.

Mibro Lite: What about autonomy and recharging

The Mibro Lite is charged using a magnetic base that attaches to the back of its case, like an Apple Watch. You don’t need to take off the strap or plug in anything to charge it. It takes about 2 hours and 45 minutes to charge it from 0 to 100%.

Its battery lasts 8 days with normal use. With the basic mode activated (which deactivates all smart functions), the autonomy is increased to 10 days. This good autonomy made possible thanks to the AMOLED technology which does not consume as much energy as an LCD panel.

The more Mibro Lite smartwatches you buy, the more chances you have of winning the top prize. It is a great promotion to give this smartwatch to each member of your family or to offer it in your company. By the way, shipping is free and can be sent to any country, so take advantage of it.

Mibro Lite Bracelet

Several strap colors are also offered when purchasing the watch, including the following colors:

Mibro Lite: Our opinion

Just for its gorgeous AMOLED display, the Mibro Lite is worth having on your wrist. Considering that it can also monitor your heart rate and blood oxygen levels, being able to measure 15 different sports, having a long battery life (up to 10 days) and its price is placed below 50 €, it is difficult not to recommend this Mibro Lite.


  • Price
  • AMOLED display
  • Lightweight
  • Design, handling


  • Allways On mode limited to 20min
  • French translation of the application
  • Wrist movement detection to activate the watch to improve
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