MotionControl – Control the brightness and volume of all your external displays directly from macOS

When you connect several screens to the same Apple computer, you do not necessarily have the possibility of adjusting the brightness, the contrasts and possibly the sound of each of them, via macOS.

You will have to go through the setting menus of each device. And that’s a shame. Fortunately, MonitorControl, an open source application is there and will allow you to control the lighting and the sound volume directly from your Mac Intel or Silicon as if they were native Apple screens.

And it’s quite magical, because once installed, MotionControl sits in the macOS menu bar and offers a settings menu for each screen. But the best is at the level of the parameters of the application which makes it possible to link the keys of adjustment of the luminosity with the whole of the screens or according to the position of the pointer of your mouse yes of the highlighted window.

This allows when using the keyboard keys to continue to change the brightness of each screen independently or to apply the same changes to all screens.

As you can see from the screenshot, other options like brightness synchronization from Apple displays are also possible. There really are a lot of possibilities and I’m sure you’ll find a setting that works for you.

Anyway, for me it’s great!

Go here to download the MotionControl app.

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