Within a company, multiple email addresses are configured. There is one for making contact, one for the legal department, another for customer service… This requires connecting to each inbox to answer, or setting up an e-mail transfer system. e-mail to their main account, but to reconnect to the other e-mail address to reply… In short, it quickly becomes more complex. There are tools to deal with these kinds of issues, like Mutant Mail .

An inbox to manage all your email addresses

Mutant Mail allows you to manage all your company’s email addresses on a single interface. After a quick registration, you access a dashboard containing multiple tabs. The first, “My Domain”, lists all the email addresses attached to its domain name. We find, for example, one for customer support, one for everything related to partnerships… We obtain the status of each address in order to be informed in the event of a malfunction.

illustration mutant mail

A multitude of e-mail addresses can be added. Illustration: Mutant Mail.

This is an essential feature, because in the event of a technical bug, you can miss out on certain business opportunities or take hours to respond to customers. This can seriously damage a company’s reputation.

All the e-mails received are then aggregated. It is possible to answer it in a few clicks. This avoids navigating between its different e-mail boxes and wasting time. Mutant Mail supports Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Yandex…

It is possible to add a large number of e-mail addresses, and to remove some at any time. It should be mentioned that Mutant Mail does not store or review any messages sent to us. The tool acts as a gateway between the different email addresses and actions, as shown in the diagram.

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illustration mutant mail

How Mutant Mail works. Illustration: Mutant Mail.

Right now, Mutant Mail is priced at $59 lifetime instead of $179. This configures ten domains and five linked email addresses. Four other licenses are offered with more features and configurable email addresses.

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