If you have a website, you probably know that display performance is important. For your visitors first of all who don’t necessarily want to wait for everything to load or who have small connections, but also for you to save disk space, bandwidth and above all avoid screwing up your SEO. Because yes Google also takes into account the loading times of your pages to highlight you in its engine.

Today I offer you several tools, open source for the most part, super cool which will allow you to compress your images via a graphical interface.

In summary :

  • Imagine
  • ImageOptim
  • Sqoosh
  • File Optimizer
  • RIOT
  • Compressor
  • Image Resizer
  • drop
  • EzGif


A project under a free license, Imagine allows you to compress images individually or in batches and output them in JPG, PNG and even WEBP format, which is the most optimized format at the moment.

The tool works on Linux, macOS and Windows and relies like most on third-party compression tools, in this case pngquant, mozjpeg and WebP.

Download here 


This one is my favourite. It works with a graphical interface, runs only on macOS (+web version) and uses many third-party tools to offer you the best possible compression with an acceptable quality / weight ratio according to your needs, knowing that everything is configurable in the options . ImagineOptim uses the following tools: Zopfli, PNGOUT, OxiPNG, AdvPNG, PNGCrush, JPEGOptim, Jpegtran, Guetzli, Gifsicle, SVGO, svgcleaner & MozJPEG.

A big plus of this tool is that you can also call it from the command line, so integrate it seamlessly into your Automator or other scripts. And he’s free.

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Download here

And for the lazy or those who don’t have a Mac, ImageOptim is also available in a web version here .


Sqoosh is not a tool to download, but an online service that will also allow you to compress your images, but also to reduce them in size and color palette (that means fewer colors in the image). Several compression algorithms are available such as MozJpeg, JPEG XL, OxiPng, WebP, but also the compression algorithms integrated into your browser.

Once your images are uploaded, you can see the before/after differences with a sort of slider.

Test here

File Optimizer

File Optimizer is also open source and runs on Windows. It is very very ugly, but will allow you to compress your images, but also a whole bunch of other files, without changing the format or the extension.

The supported formats are:


Download here

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RIOT is a free compression tool for Windows capable of compressing lots of weird image formats even in PNG, JPG or GIF via a graphical interface that lets you adjust the settings manually as well. RIOT can support multiple images at the same time with its batch mode and once the image is compressed, you can see a before/after.

Download here


Another online service, free in the basic version, which will allow you to compress your images in “lossy”, ie with loss of quality. It’s very basic, but it can do the trick for a specific need.

Find out here 

Image Resizer

Present in Microsoft’s PowerToys, ImageResizer allows you to reduce the size and weight of your photos in Windows.

To discover here. And to install the PowerToys this is where it happens .


Pinga meanwhile is a clone of ImageOptim, but designed for Windows and in closed source. You drag and drop your images, and boom, everything will be instantly optimized. The tool manages multithreading and there are tons of possible settings and the performance is top notch!

Download here


EZgif is the ultimate web toolbox that allows you to do a lot of things with your images. Compression of course, but also the design of animated GIFs, etc., etc. I did a very detailed article on EZGif and I strongly urge you to read it .

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