Natron – Like After Effects but open source

Initially developed by INRIA researchers and now maintained by its community, Natron is what is called a Digital Compositor. That is, a tool capable of assembling different images to achieve a final rendering in the form of a 2D / 2.5D (pseudo-3D) image or video. It’s the open source equivalent of Adobe After Effects if you prefer.

The tool is completely open source and offers different possibilities such as rotoscoping , 2D tracking, keying and so on. To be honest with you, I’m not very familiar with this kind of tools, but from what I can see on the demo below, it seems to do a lot of cool things.

So if you’re interested in animation or digital compositing, I think Natron can give you a lot of possibilities, all for free without having to invest in an Adobe license.

The rendering of your work can then use the GPU of your computer, or even a network of machines to speed up production and it is possible to add lots of plugins to it (or to develop your own).

Natron can be found here for Linux, macOS, FreeBSD and Windows.

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