NeoGB Printer – GameBoy Printer Emulator

I don’t know if you remember, but at one time, Nintendo released a thermal printer for its Game Boy. The device was designed to work with the GameBoy camera and allowed to print what was on the screen on a kind of paper with an adhesive back.

As you can see in this video test, it wasn’t crazy. The prints were still of very poor quality.

But that hasn’t deterred a bunch of merry coders who have come up with an open-source clone of the GameBoy printer, dubbed the NeoGB. It’s actually an emulator that uses an Arduino, an SD card, and some electronics for the low price of $15.

This plugs into the GameBoy and will be compatible with all GameBoy games and camera that at the time were usable with the GameBoy printer.

So obviously, as you will have understood, it does not print on paper, but it will export a file to the SD card. However, the rendering will be the same as that offered by the Nintendo printer released in 1998.

If the project interests you, everything is there.

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