Announced last month by its CEO, the launch of an NFT collection is imminent for the American group Starbucks. A launch which should revolve around a web 3 platform if we are to believe the press release from the American firm.

An NFT collection to build customer loyalty

Last April, the company already communicated on its desire to conquer the NFT market. With the idea of ​​launching its collection “during the year 2022”. Recent communications from the company today suggest that the launch could be imminent. No specific date has been given.

The collection in question should be based on coffee art and storytelling . It’s a safe bet that the company will use its 50 years of existence as a source of inspiration. With this collection, Starbucks seems to want to offer a real experience to users. Thus, NFTs could provide access to exclusive experiences and benefits. A component that could make it possible to get out of the purely speculative character, often attached to NFT projects.

On which blockchain?

For now, the mystery continues. However, some elements suggest that the project will not be launched on a Proof of Work blockchain. It’s hard to imagine that Ethereum could become a credible candidate, despite the ecosystem’s move to a Proof of Stake protocol, which is ecologically more virtuous.

Anyway, the company has made known the main criteria that it would retain in its choice: a blockchain that is both fast and inexpensive . The company’s recent release also puts sustainability at the center of the brand’s agenda:

Our approach to blockchain technology, while ultimately likely to be multi-chain or chain-agnostic, will certainly begin with blockchain-backed collections and infrastructure consistent with our decades-long commitment to sustainability.

This comment also highlights the possibility of launching a project outside of any blockchain technology.

Starbucks: A company involved in digital innovations!

Anxious to retain an increasingly young and therefore more tech-savvy clientele, Starbucks has already built a solid digital ecosystem. In particular via its payment application, the second most used in the land of Uncle Sam, just behind the unbeatable Apple Pay. By partnering with the start-up Bakkt, Starbucks became one of the first multinationals to offer cryptocurrency payments last year.

Our customer base is increasingly young, they are digital children and they expect Starbucks to be as relevant outside of our stores as we are inside.

At the last investor conference, company executives also revealed the group’s aspirations in the metaverse segment. With the desire to create its own metaverse: the third place. A place supposed to be an in-between between home and work.

The NFT collection will therefore be added to an already nebulous ecosystem.

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