Online file sharing services are experiencing fierce competition. WeTransfer , SwissTransfer and many others are struggling to stand out from the competition, and always offer more services to users. It must be said that online file sharing without any formality is a buoyant sector, which serves an ever-growing segment of the population, active on the Internet. I’m talking to you today about a recent player in this market, full of promise: NoriShare .

What is NoriShare?

NoriShare is therefore an online file hosting and transfer service , very similar in concept to other similar services. It was officially released in the summer of 2019.

Created by French people, the tool was first thought of as a private project, intended to make life easier for its designers. Proposed as a loss leader, its success and its successive improvements make it one of the most serious players in the online file transfer offer today.

NoriShare allows you to share files online for free and with whoever you want. You can transfer files up to 1 GB. Once transferred, your file stays on NoriShare’s servers for 14 days.

The big advantage of this fast and free file transfer service is the possibility of viewing the file before even downloading it. So the people you share files with don’t even have to download the content to view it. A rather practical feature that works with many file formats such as PDF, DOC, XLS or MP4.

NoriShare: share files easily and for free
NoriShare: preview files before downloading

NoriShare Features

Here are some of the current features of NoriShare:

  • No registration or email registration
  • Faster than WeTransfer
  • No collection of private data or advertising
  • Online preview  : many formats can be read in preview, without downloading the files
  • Recycled files (several links created for the same file, but without duplication, in case of multiple shares)
  • Maximum size of hosted files: 1 GB
  • Storage period: 14 days
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NoriShare is a new way to transfer and share files privately . If the size of the files remains below the competition, be aware that the tool is certainly likely to evolve in the future. 

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