Only Switch – Control everything from your macOS menu bar

Only Switch – Control everything from your macOS menu bar

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If you’re using macOS, let me introduce you to OnlySwitch, a super handy software that makes it easier to manage macOS system settings.

With its easy-to-use interface, you can activate or deactivate certain actions with just one click on switches (buttons), such as hiding desktop icons, enabling dark mode, or hiding the notch on the new MacBook Pro.

The switches are available in the menu bar, and each element and shortcut can be added or removed from the list. Here is an example of a well-loaded list:

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To use OnlySwitch, you can install it using Homebrew or download the application directly from the website.

brew install only-switch 

Recently, you can even import shortcuts directly into OnlySwitch, which offers even more customization possibilities based on your needs. You can also configure keyboard shortcuts for your switches if needed.

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In short, another well-thought-out and practical tool to save you time. It’s open source, of course, and you can download it here.