When I was in college, one of my favorite games was Red Alert. Obviously for Tania, but especially the real-time strategy game that kept us busy even without the Internet.

Since then, water has flowed under the bridge and enthusiasts have created an open source port of the Red Alert engine called OpenRA, which I have already told you about here. And recently, I learned about the existence of OpenHV (Open Hard Vacuum), which is a mod of OpenRA.

Hard Vacuum is an RTS that has never been released and whose development began in 1993. The action takes place in a distant future where the world is held by huge corporations (the GAFAM ^^) who clash on the field of battle.


As in Red Alert, there are stories of resources to collect (here ore), buildings to build and units such as tanks or soldiers ready to sacrifice themselves for victory and the pleasure of dominating the world.

The game is playable solo against an AI, but also in LAN or via the Internet. I did a small part where I got screwed, but it was still very cool despite the graphics from another age.

The game is available on Linux, macOS and Windows at this address.

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