Opera ‘s millions of users will now be able to access the blockchain and reap its benefits directly using their browser. Bitcoin, Polygon and Solana are among the compatible assets!

A major project for Opera

After a first browser, Opera has just launched the second blockchain-related browser with the Crypto Browser Project .

Designed to navigate within the cryptographic space, crypto browsers allow access to Web3 and interact with decentralized applications that are compatible with the ecosystem of blockchains taken into account.

Opera announces that its crypto browser is now effective . The main cryptos added to the Crypto Browser Project are around eight.

Opera Integrates Layer 2

The announcement of the Beta version of the crypto browser was made at the end of January. It is now possible to take advantage of blockchain services on phones or computers.

To do this, simply use Opera to gain access to decentralized exchanges and lending protocols. It will even be possible to discover many NFT games.

However, these services must be deployed on the ecosystem of accepted blockchains. These include Solana, Polygon, StarkEx, Ronin, Celo, Nervos, IXO as well as Bitcoin . Unsurprisingly, Opera adds two-layer solutions via DiversiFi deployed by StarkWare to the list of supported blockchains .

The latter are known for their effectiveness in reducing costs. Also, they will allow you to take advantage of the decentralization and security that Ethereum has.

The Future of Web 3 with Opera

Being a top player for crypto browsers, Opera’s aspirations are high. It aims to capture the market by diversifying its environment. This, in order to allow a better adoption of the blockchain by the mass and by betting on sustainability.

From decentralized applications to the metaverse, there is indeed something to appeal to all profiles. The Norwegian company has been working on this for some time.

With a user experience as we know it usually using our internet-connected devices, Opera tends to bring the blockchain ecosystem to everyone’s fingertips . Thus, she wants it to require very little knowledge and skill to handle it. Jorgen Arnesen, the Executive Vice President conveys it in these terms:

Ultimately, Web3 is on its way to becoming mainstream web technology and users don’t need to know they are interacting with it. They must have a superior user experience and real added value.

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