The Cosmos ecosystem continues to develop at full speed! As proof, the Osmosis team recently released a new version of their flagship Osmosis DEX . So what are the differences between Osmosis and Osmosis Frontier? Let’s see it right away!

  1. What is Osmosis?
  2. Osmosis vs. Osmosis Frontier: the differences
  3. Why Frontiers?
  4. Conclusion

What is Osmosis?

As a reminder, Osmosis  is an  advanced automated market maker  (AMM) that allows developers to create  personalized AMMs  as well as their own  liquidity pools  (known as sovereigns). Osmosis was built using the Cosmos SDK and is based on the Tendermint consensus. 

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Osmosis vs. Osmosis Frontier: the differences

Osmosis Frontier works the same way as the initial version of Osmosis. However, Osmosis Frontier aims to be a more ” degen ” playground, where chaos reigns! Indeed, here, the user experience ( UX ) is relegated to the background in favor of the list and selection of assets without authorization .


But what do these “permissionless assets” mean as you see it on the message indicated at the top right? This means that any token created and issued on the Cosmos network can be listed on Osmosis Frontier. These tokens therefore have the opportunity to arrive on Osmosis Frontier without having a substantial liquidity contribution, for example. Osmosis Frontier also features more liquidity pools due to the freedom granted.

Attention , the potential lack of liquidity requires your attention. Always be sure to check the impact of your price and slippage . Also remember that assets not approved for incentives by the DAO will not earn LP rewards. You can compare the returns of all the pools available on .

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tool available on

There are therefore many more assets available on Osmosis Frontier than on Osmosis. Among these assets are:

  • Bridged Ethereum assets
  • Juno blockchain CW20 tokens
  • Axelar Network Tokens
  • Gravity Bridge Network Tokens

In summary, Osmosis Frontier is a freer version of Osmosis allowing you to trade and farm a wider variety of tokens.

Why Frontiers?

Frontier is the best way for Osmosis to combine its commitment to permissionless listing on the one hand and superior UX on the other. Indeed, Osmosis can manage the main interface ( ) in order to provide the best possible user experience, while allowing assets to appear without permission on Frontier. In addition, the community will have the opportunity to test the different user experiences on Osmosis Frontier and can vote to implement them on the main Osmosis interface.

The issue relating to Osmosis-Ethereum bridges has also caused much ink to flow. Several bridges exist today, each with their own compromises in security, speed, and user interface. The current reality is that there is no working multi-bridge solution that covers all of these issues.

Osmosis therefore cannot refuse to implement a bridge while waiting for a perfect solution to be developed. The team therefore allowed Osmosis Frontier to play this Ethereum-Osmosis bridge role.


It is in Osmosis’ DNA to be censorship resistant and adding assets to the Osmosis DEX will always be permissionless. Any blockchain in the Cosmos network can list a set of assets as it sees fit. Moreover, even on Osmosis, a solution similar to token lists will soon allow users to search and access each token!

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Until then, only incentive assets will be displayed on the main “front-end” by default. In other words, the mechanism for “grading” a token from Frontier to Osmosis will be based on the vote of the DAO . This means that the governance of Osmosis not only decides the financial incentives of cross-chain assets, but also the selection of assets on Osmosis, which gives more power to its governance .


Finally, Osmosis will continue to optimize the user experience around governance and the best combination of user interface and security. In parallel, Osmosis Frontier will provide a permissionless proving ground where top assets and bridges can demonstrate their thesis to Osmosis governance.

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