Monitoring and analysis work plays an important role in the daily lives of Community Managers, Social Media Managers and digital agencies. Indeed, it is necessary to analyze the impact of its social network campaigns, monitor the publications of its competitors, follow the development of its e-reputation… This generally requires the use of a multitude of tools, which is not practice. Fortunately, there are solutions that bring together all the most important data on its campaigns and those of its competitors. This is notably the case of Other Perspectives .

An all-in-one social media tool

Other Perspectives is a tool that brings together all the insights needed to develop a solid social media strategy, including data on its competitors. To do this, it is necessary to create a group on the platform. We can call it “Competitors” to better navigate. Then, you have to add the URLs of the accounts you want to monitor. It is possible to enter Facebook and Instagram links. Twitter and YouTube will be available soon.

The tool is particularly useful for competitive intelligence. 
Illustration: Other Perspectives.
Other Perspectives provides easy access to essential data. Illustration: Other Perspectives.

The publications are then displayed in the group in question. They can be sorted according to their date of publication, reactions, number of shares… The advantage is that Other Perspectives provides you with a complete analysis in the form of graphs. In this way, it is easier to monitor the publications of your competitors in real time, and to compare their results with yours.

The tool also comes with features to track its own performance. They allow you to create modular dashboards. We can add all the key performance indicators (KPIs) that interest us, for example the engagement rate. All data can be tabulated or graphed in seconds. The reports can then be shared in one click with employees and customers. Other Perspectives even offers the possibility of adding its logo and personal notes to the final document.

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