Page Authority or PA is a measurement developed by Moz to which SmartKeyword, as a partner, gives you access. It gives on a scale of 1 to 100 the strength of a page of a given site, to appear in the first Google results.
The Page Authority calculation is more of a comparative measure that allows you to weight the results of the first Google page to know for a given keyword the strength of this page, but there is not strictly speaking a good or bad score. by Page Authority.

This indicator is indicative of the effectiveness of the content and structure of your page. It will analyze the quality of the contents of the page, the way in which they are written, their formatting and the organization of the links referring to other contents.
A good Page Authority is a score close to 100. If it is easy to increase your score from 20 to 30, it is much more complicated to increase your PA from 70 to 80.

How is Page Authority calculated?

As for the Domain Authority , Moz will take into account many criteria to define a Page Authority for each page of your site. For this calculation, content and links are going to be the most important topics.
Some examples :

  • the quantity and quality of outgoing and incoming links
  • the quality of the anchors
  • traffic linked to the page
  • reader behavior
  •  keyword density

Page Authority: Why is it important in SEO?

The higher your PA, the higher the DA, the more your site is considered powerful and credible  in the eyes of Google and therefore you will have a better chance of arriving on the first page of the search engines.

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Registering on several directories is a good start, but the backlinks will not be of good quality. The exchange and sale of links on the internet are frequently used by bloggers to achieve their ends.

Page Authority: How to improve it for SEO?

As Moz tries to replicate Google’s algorithm and thus places a lot of importance on two criteria:

  • the content of your page (see our section on how to optimize its content – ​​link to title/meta pages…)
  • the offpage: be careful for your offpage, before looking for incoming links on your page, it is important to check the Domain Authority and the theme of the site you are interested in (it must be the same as your site). The quality of the links is very important, and if the site has good visibility on the internet, your page will have a better chance of increasing its score.

Page Authority: How to optimize it for SEO?

Actions to be implemented

  • Create a large number of external and internal links, which point with an anchor optimized for your page
  • The exchange and sale of links on the internet are frequently used by bloggers to achieve their ends.
  •  During a link exchange, determine the DA of the site with which you wish to exchange links, because if the site has a strong Domain Authority, your page will have a better chance of obtaining points.
  • Consider the user experience of your page and website. The pages viewed by visitors, the bounce rate and the time spent by the reader on your page are criteria to take into account to increase the authority of your web page.
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Page Authority: where to find it in SmartKeyword?

For example, for an e-commerce site for watches, we observe that:
you are given the PA for all your pages,

page authority page authority natural referencing seo

and by keyword

page authority page authority natural referencing seo

The measurement by keyword makes it possible to see for a given keyword, here “men’s watch”, the authority page of the first Google results positioned.
We can observe that the 1st Google result has an PA of 7 while the 2nd has an PA of 24.

Page Authority: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Buying traffic on the internet harms SEO and makes analysis tools underperforming.
  • Registering on several directories can be a good start, but the backlinks will not be of good quality.

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