I have a bit of land and mowing the lawn is an exercise that I enjoy. However, I practice differentiated mowing. That is to say that I leave large areas fallow, which allows the fauna and flora to settle and keep a little humidity and freshness. So, I have lots of butterflies, it’s great!

So yes, when you have a small garden, you push the mower and it’s not fun. But when you have a ride-on mower, it’s an adventure right away (especially on the slopes)!!

However, if you are not so lucky, don’t worry because Epic Games is thinking of you!

Until August 4, the Lawn Mowing Simulator is free download here.

It is a game designed for Windows which like Powerwash Simulator will bring you a great sense of satisfaction. You will be able to mow entire parks, magnificent English gardens, while choosing the cutting height and model of your ride-on mower from the 12 available.

Of course, as you manage your own landscaping business, there is also a little management side, but it is more about the game of relaxation and satisfaction than racing.

I put you the trailer, just to finish convincing you. Anyway, as it’s free until August 4, you would be wrong to deprive yourself of it.

Thanks to Letsar for sharing.

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