PhoneSploit Pro: The Comprehensive Android Pentesting Tool

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If you are a security expert, PhoneSploit Pro is an all-in-one Python tool that will interest you. Specially designed to remotely exploit Android devices using ADB (Android Debug Bridge) and Metasploit Framework, this project aims to simplify performing penetration testing on Android devices.

PhoneSploit Pro can also be used as an ADB toolkit to execute various operations on Android devices whether via Wi-Fi or a simple USB cable.

PhoneSploit Pro features include remotely connecting to the device with ADB, accessing the shell of the connected device, stopping the ADB server, etc. The tool also enables screenshots and automatic recovery on your computer, or recording the screen for a period.

You can also download and send files, launch an app and access every part of the smartphone.

Here are some key features of PhoneSploit Pro:

  • Copy all photos from the camera to the computer.
  • Send SMS via the target device.
  • Easily unlock and lock the device.
  • Extract all SMS, contacts and call logs from device to computer.
  • Get device and battery information.
  • Capture the screen or control the target device.

To use these features, ensure you have the required software installed. Then follow the setup tutorial to connect your Android phone to your computer via Wi-Fi using ADB. On Linux or macOS, open Terminal and run these commands to install PhoneSploit Pro:

git clone

cd PhoneSploit-Pro/


On Windows, the steps differ slightly. Open the terminal, enter:

git clone

cd PhoneSploit-Pro/

Download the latest platform-tools and copy extracted platform-tools or adb files to the PhoneSploit-Pro directory. Finally run:


Linux offers full functionality, but PhoneSploit Pro is compatible with several operating systems.

This project is solely for educational purposes or professional cybersecurity use. Using this tool on a phone without permission is prohibited.

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