Photopea: an online tool to edit your Photoshop or Gimp files

Editing a Photoshop file (.psd) or a Gimp file without having any of these tools is not easy, is it? So to solve this problem, today I offer you an online tool called Photopea . This is a completely free online image editor , and what’s more is available in French.

Read or edit a PSD file without Photoshop with Photopea

Photopea allows users without Photoshop or Gimp to easily modify PSD files or “standard” images (.PNG, .JPG, etc.). For those who already know Photoshop, well you will not be out of place because Photopea’s user interface is similar to that of Adobe’s software. On the other hand, do not expect to find all the functionalities of Photoshop in Photopea because you will be quickly disappointed. Only the essential tools are present:

  • Open and edit a Photoshop, Sketch or Gim file
  • Open file from URL
  • Create a new PSD file
  • Support for layers and filters (Blur, Noise, Pixelate, Render, Sharpen, Stylize, etc.)
  • Color and size adjustment
  • Free transformation
  • Post an image online via Imgur
  • Save for Web
  • …and so on.
Photopea: An alternative to Photoshop online

As I told you above, Photopea is available in French . To do this, click on the “ More ” menu (at the top of the window), then select “ Language ” and click on “ English ”.


In short, Photopea is an extra editor capable of opening all your image files on any computer, without the need to install any software. In particular, you will be able to open and edit PSD files directly in your web browser.

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