photoshop easy tutorials 2022


  • The Photoshop CC interface
  • How to crop an image in Photoshop
  • Erase blemishes from an image in Photoshop
  • Use layers in Photoshop
  • Save an image to Photoshop
  • Resize an image for the web in Photoshop
  • Automate your tasks in Photoshop
  • Merge two images
  • Crop an image
  • Image processing: our best Photoshop tutorials
    • Change the color of an object in Photoshop
    • Cut out a photo of clothing with Photoshop
    • Remove an object from an image
    • Blur part of an image in Photoshop
    • Change eye color in photoshop
    • Aging a Photo in Photoshop

The Photoshop CC interface

In this first part, let’s discover the interface of Photoshop CC.

When first opened, Photoshop looks like this:

photoshop interface

Click on the “Create” button to create a new document leaving the default settings. This will allow us to see the different menus and the different palettes of Photoshop CC.

Creating a new Photoshop document

You then find:

  • In orange: the different menus
  • In blue, on the left: the toolbox, all the tools you will need. Just click on a tool to select it and the button is grayed out.
  • In green: the modifiable parameters of the selected tool
  • In red, on the right: the floating palettes which are boxes that can be moved and which contain management tools or parameters concerning objects.
Photoshop document interface

Now that you better understand the interface of Photoshop, we will learn how to use it and perform various actions thanks to the following tutorials.

Crop an image in Photoshop

For this first Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to crop an image in a few clicks with Photoshop CC software. You’ll see, it’s not that complicated and it’s also essential to know for any future graphic designer or web designer.

  • Start by choosing an image to crop and open it in Photoshop CC
photoshop photo opening
  • Select the magic wand tool and click on the background of the image . Photoshop automatically selects the entire background.
photoshop magic wand tool
Photoshop magic wand selection
  • Go to the “Selection” menu and click on “Invert”, this will automatically select the image to be cropped
Invert photoshop menu
  • Go back to the “Selection” menu then click on “Select and hide”
Photoshop Menu - Select and Mask
select and hide photoshop
  • In the window that appears, click on the “Edge enhancement” tool and roughly go around the image to be cropped. In our case, this will make it possible to better select the hair of the young woman.
Photoshop outline enhancement
  • In order to check your clipping, you can see your image on several backgrounds
Photoshop Clipping Check
  • The result on the different funds suits you?
Photoshop clipping finalization
  • Once the result is to your liking, choose “Output to Layer Mask” and click OK at the bottom right. Your image is ready!
Photoshop Layer Mask

For more details on image clipping, we recommend this video.

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Erase blemishes from an image in Photoshop

You will see how to easily erase objects or imperfections in a photo using Photoshop CC’s stamp tool.

  • First, open an image in Photoshop. Here we are going to be able to erase the black writing on the wall with ease.
Open Photoshop photo
  • Select the clone stamp tool from the Photoshop toolbar.
Photoshop Clone Stamp Tool
  • At the top left of your Photoshop window, you can select the brush that suits you best: you can vary its size depending on the object you want to disappear.
Photoshop Buffer Size
  • Hold down the “alt” key and click on the white wall, for example. Your stamp circle should turn into a small target. Then click on the black writing and you will see it gradually disappear. Photoshop duplicates the background you selected in the location of your choice. In case of mishandling you can go back by pressing ctrl + z on PCs or cmd + z on MACs.
Photoshop Wall Writing Removal
  • See the result:
Photoshop default overpressure result

With this method, you can erase almost anything with a little patience and practice.

Use layers in Photoshop

Here you will learn how to use Photoshop CC adjustment layers with the simple black and white layer example.

Photoshop CC’s adjustment layers are rich with possibilities to enhance your images. With Photoshop CC and in a few seconds you can put your photo in black and white and improve the colors to your liking.

  • Start by choosing an image and opening it in Photoshop
Photo aperture for Photoshop layers
  • Go to the layer menu then in new adjustment layer, click on black and white then on Ok.
Photoshop black and white layer selection
  • Here is the black and white image
Photoshop black and white image
  • Open the layer properties palette
  • You can change the colors to your liking. Here we will choose “green filter”.
Photoshop layer filter selection
  • Here is the result :
Photoshop black and white poop result

Adjustment layers in Photoshop CC allow you to quickly modify your images, for example you can change the brightness and contrast, color balance, hue and saturation of your images.

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Everything you need for basic edits to your images can be found in this Photoshop software menu.

Save an image for the web in Photoshop

To save an image for the web, you need to compress it so it doesn’t weigh down your website. Here is the procedure to follow :

  • Open your image in Photoshop
Opening image in Photoshop
  • In the “File” menu click on “Export” then on “Save for web (legacy)
Save for Web Photoshop
  • In the window that appears, select jpeg as the compression format then change the quality of the image. Here, I chose medium image quality. You can also change the size of the image to reduce its weight. Then click on “Save”.
Photoshop Web Image Settings
  • The result
Photoshop web image size

By resizing and then compressing the image, we went from a 2.7 MB image to only 71 KB while maintaining correct display quality: perfect for illustrating your website without increasing your page loading time web.

Resize an image for the web in Photoshop

To resize an image with Photoshop, follow these steps:

  • First start by opening an image in Photoshop
Image to Resize Photoshop
  • Then go to the image menu and click on “Image Size”.
Photoshop image size
  • We want to use this image for a website, so we have to resize it so that it is adapted to the standard size of computer screens: 1024*768 pixels. Modify the values ​​then click on “Ok”.
Change photoshop image size

Automate your tasks in Photoshop

You will learn how to automate simple tasks with Photoshop CC.

Do you have dozens of photos to resize and compress? Why not do this manipulation with Photoshop CC in less than 5 minutes?

  • Start by creating a folder on your computer and place your photos there to be modified.
Pictures folder
  • Open a first photo with Photoshop and go to the “Window” menu to click on “Actions”.
Action/Script Photoshop
  • Create a new script by clicking on the small icon next to the trash can at the bottom right of the window. We’ll call it here: “resize and save for web”. Click on “Save”.
Photoshop action creation
  • Once the script is created, the record button turns red. Do all the operations you need to automate.Saving the Photoshop script
    Refer to the ”  Save an image for the web in Photoshop  ” and ”  How to resize an image for the web in Photoshop  ” training to resize an image and save an image for the web. Don’t forget to close your image after performing your operations, it’s important for the future.
  • Now click on the “stop recording” icon at the bottom left of the script window. Your script should look like this:
End of Photoshop script
  • You will now be able to automate your operations: go to the file menu, then “Automation” and click on “Batch processing”.
Photoshop Batch Processes
  • Now select the script you want to use and the folder your photos are in. Click OK and in the blink of an eye all your photos will be resized and compressed.
Choice of batch processing

After these ten Photoshop tutorials, you can now use many basic Photoshop functions.

Open Image for Photoshop Merge
Selection slap Photoshop cutout image
Resize Photo Fusion Photoshop
Validate Photoshop

Merge two images in photoshop

During the first training, we cropped an image with Photoshop CC. Here we will be able to merge it with a background.

  • Start by opening your two images in Photoshop
  • Select the cropped image and then select the blend layer. Then drag and drop the cropped image onto the background.
  • To resize your image, do the shortcut cmd+t on Mac or Ctrl+t on PC then hold down the shift key when you resize the image to keep the proportions.
  • Once your image has been resized and placed as you wish on the background, click on the “Validate” icon at the top of the screen.
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Crop an image in Photoshop

Here’s how to crop an image with Photoshop software.

Now that you know a little more about the basics of Photoshop software: interface, resizing and image saving, you will start to really modify images.

  • Open your image in Photoshop
Crop Photoshop Image
  • Select the crop tool. If you cannot view this tool in the toolbar, click on the 3 small dots. You should see a list of all available tools appear, as shown in the image below.
Photoshop crop tool
  • Resize the area you want to crop. You can enlarge or shrink the cropping area using the ends of the frame.
photoshop image cropping
  • It is also possible to tilt the framing area when your mouse arrow bends.
Tilt Crop Photoshop
  • Once you are satisfied with your cropping, click on the “Validate” icon at the top of the screen.
To validate
  • And here’s the result :
Photoshop image cropping result

Nothing could be simpler, right?

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