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Did you know that it was possible to create a free and easy survey on the Internet? Yes, taking a survey can be useful at certain times in our student or professional life. It is especially for companies that want to know the opinion of their customers on the quality of their services, on a particular product or service before it goes on sale. In other words, it allows you to collect the opinion of an audience on a specific subject .

If you want to create an easy, fast and free survey, there is an online service that will allow you to do so, with very simple steps to follow even for a beginner in the field. This online service is called Pickvote .

Introducing Pickvote

Pickvote is a service that allows you not only to create online polls but also to share them with whoever you want on the platforms you want. You can send your survey via messaging services, social networks, etc.

This online service is totally free. Its use does not require any registration . You can use Pickvote to ask questions to your subscribers, your customers, or even strangers. Creating a poll on Pickvote is very easy and will only take you a few minutes.

Create an online survey for free with Pickvote

How to create a poll on Pickvote?

To create a poll on Pickvote , you must first go to the site of the online service. Once there, you can directly write the question(s) you want to ask the people who will answer your survey. You must also indicate whether respondents should select only one answer or whether multiple answers are accepted.

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Subsequently, also determine if the participants in your survey can remain anonymous – we are then faced with an anonymous survey – or if they must indicate their name. Next, write down the different response options that participants will be able to select.

Note that you can always rearrange your survey at any time. If you are satisfied with your survey, all you have to do is click on the “ Create ” button. To share your survey , simply copy the URL and forward it to participants.

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