We are never secure enough, that’s why today, I present to you port master.

It is a firewall with a graphical interface, which offers you ultra-precise control over everything that passes through your computer. The goal: Improve the security of your private life.

As Glass Wire On Windows, for those in the know, Portmaster can monitor all activity on the network, automatically block malware and trackers, secure DNS requests (for domain names), and even filter NSFW content.

It also allows you to create your own filtering rules either globally or more finely per application. By default, Portmaster uses blocklists like those from AdAway, abuse.ch, AdGuard and others to do its job of blocking malicious trackers and services.

This kind of tool integrates perfectly with, for example, a VPN in order to further strengthen your privacy.

If you’re interested, the tool is available on Windows and in .deb (Debian and Ubuntu) and RPM (Fedora) formats. Yes, the tool is open source and under AGPLv3 license.

Download here!

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