Promptomania: A Tool to Generate your Best Prompts for Midjourney

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knowing how to construct the perfect sentence to obtain the perfect image.

It almost touches the mystical. Only, here it is… Not only do you have to be very precise in what you want, but also know a few key words and parameters to pass to MidJourney or others to get a good result.

Fortunately, Promptomania is here to help. This site allows you to build “prompts”, that is to say sentences intended for tools such as Midjourney or Stable Diffusion.

The principle is simple. You pass it URLs of images whose style you like, you embellish all this with keywords that you can weight and then you can choose loads of settings and styles proposed and supported by your generator (random Midjourney) in order to obtain the result of your dreams.

After many tests and inspiration taken in the Midjourney gallery and with the help of DoctorMars (faithful to, I managed to go from this:

To that :

What I can tell you is that it is not as simple as it seems. You have to take the time to choose your words carefully and above all do a lot of tests to get a good result.

I even generated an instagramable Chakchouka for delirium:

photo of a Shakshuka in a copper pan with baked eggs in a tomato sauce, containing tomato, peppers, onions, eggs and parsley, colorful and appetizing, colors are red, yellow, white, green, orange, hyper realistic, instagram foodie style, highly intricate, ultra detailed, high dynamic range, HDR, dynamic light, octan render, unreal engine, 8k, --ar 9:16 --testp --upbeta

It’s super time consuming but super fun.

Jose K Rogers

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