Radio It Yourself – The technical guide to radiophony

If the world of radio appeals to you, but you know absolutely nothing about it, here is a good way to get started, or at least to learn a little more about radiophony.

The free work Radio It Yourself written by an anonymous collective, will take you by the hand to help you understand all the technical aspects of radio broadcasting. Whether in terms of sound recording, connections, sound processing, software for Internet radio, equipment for real FM or DAB+ (digital radio), you will find everything you need. you need.

And what’s more, it’s illustrated! There are even explanations on how to make a transmitter with a simple Raspberry Pi.

It’s a manual that is aimed at the greatest number and that really popularizes things, so no need to be an engineer to capture everything. You can download it here in PDF and if you like paper, it will be released in 2023 by editions Tahin Party.

At the rate you are seeing things, it is very likely that the French will be asked to turn off their computers and their TVs to consume less electricity and to turn to the radio and phonograms. So take the lead: Korben FM, maybe one day!


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