Reaktr: Generate Audio Responsive Video

Rather than posting your music to YouTube with just a static image, why not create a beautiful responsive video to your sound? You don’t have the necessary skills? No problem, I have what you need! Today I present to you Reaktr , a free online tool capable of generating audio-responsive video . To learn more about it, it is in the rest of this article that it happens.

Reaktr: create a music video clip

Reaktr is a web application that was designed by a certain Matsura Yuma, a Japanese developer. With it, you can easily create beautiful audio visualization videos. In other words, the tool helps generate a video that reacts to the sound of your music through a visualizer.

Music visualization is a feature found in some media players like the good old Winamp. You know the famous images that come alive in real time and in sync with the music as it plays. Well the principle is much the same with Reaktr.

Basically, you just need to select your audio file, then select your background image/video and Reaktr mixes it all together to generate you an audio-responsive visualization.

How does Reaktr work?

Reaktr is a very easy to use online tool. It does not require any audiovisual knowledge. What’s more, no registration is required to use it. Just follow these few instructions:

1. Start by going to the Reaktr web application site .

2. Next, upload your music and your image/video which will act as the background. If you don’t have one, you can find some on the Pixabay site .

3. Next you will find several customization options that will allow you to beautify your music video clip.

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4. Finally, set the definition of the output video (HD or Full HD), then upload your work.

What you must remember

Reaktr is an easy way to create beautiful audio visualization videos. All the user has to do is choose their background music and image or video and the platform mixes them into an audio-responsive visualization.

The application supports the most frequently used audio formats (MP3, WAV, WMA…). The same is true for image and video formats: PNG, JPG, MP4, etc.

The application has very good feedback from people who use it and shows itself as a good alternative to Rederforest Music Visualizer, Videobolt Music Visualizer, Magic Music Visuals or VSDC Free Video Editor.

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