A year after the Windows version, a few adaptations (Linux, macOS, Playstation…) and a few awards later (IGF, GDCA, BAGA…), it’s a game acclaimed by everyone that finally comes to Switch: Registration.

So I’m always wary of games that take advantage of this kind of buzz, especially when they’re small indie creations that don’t look like much. We sometimes cry genius for things we have already seen (better) elsewhere. But I let myself be tempted by the card game side / roguelite, become nomadic thanks to the Nintendo console, as well as the horror atmosphere… It was perfect to accompany my end-of-year celebrations. 😀

And if I’m telling you about it today, it’s obviously because he managed to convince me. And I can’t REALLY tell you why.

Inscryption Switch 6

We start the game facing a mysterious adversary, a storyteller, who will tell us our own story live, wearing masks to play the different characters. He explains the rules, the process, we move on a map and at each stop, we will be able to modify our deck (additions, card modifications, etc.) or fight with it. If you lose, you start over. Well, not completely, because we still unlock elements that will remain from one game to another. 🤓

At the level of the game itself, the system resembles what we can know at Hearthstone, Magic the Gathering, etc. but of course with its own subtleties (for example, you have to sacrifice a card to be able to play another! Or the counting of points which is done using a scale). And then at the bend of a game, we will notice things… Weird…

Inscryption Switch 3

From there, it’s hard to explain without spoilers, so I’ll keep it vague. Let’s say your skills in terms ofescape room could be tested. A game within the game? Who himself is in a game? We lose our footing, the brain explodes into four dimensions, and we understand the genius ofRegistration.

I’m not going to tell you that it’s an absolutely amazing or perfect title, because clearly it won’t be to everyone’s taste. It has small flaws. The somewhat gloomy atmosphere can put off. You have to be adept at deck buildingenjoy solving puzzles, not being afraid of (everything?) losing.

Screenshot 98

Despite this, and even if it in no way revolutionizes the genre, Registration offers a gameplay very solid as well as a story that takes full advantage of the medium: the video game.

It costs less than 20€ and offers an absolutely unique experience, so original, so captivating, that I would have been sad to miss it. So I advise you: take a look! And try not to lose it. 😉

Registration is available on Steam, PlayStation 4 & 5and nintendo-switch

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