Remove background from photo or image with Slazzer

Slazzer is an online service that allows you to erase the background of a photo . This service can be used for personal purposes, but also for professional purposes. To remove the background from an image, the tool uses advanced artificial intelligence that allows it to detect an image and its background. Even fine hair can be separated from a background image with high precision.

Erase photo background with Slazzer

After removing the background from the photo , you will be able to use it on other background images to make it more beautiful. The results obtained are very satisfactory. The service can perfectly work with any type of photo, be it a selfie, portrait, car photo, etc. You also don’t need to choose images with a uniform background to make the process easier.

How to use Slazzer?

With Slazzer, you won’t have to work hard to separate an image from its background . You won’t even need to do a lot of clicks. Simply send your photo in PNG or JPG format to have the background removed. The advantage with this service is that you get the result you are looking for in a very fast way.

You won’t need to learn how to handle complex software and spend hours trying to get the perfect image. Upload your photo when ready and use it. For developers, Slazzer even offers an API that will allow them to access its services through any programming language such as Python, ruby ​​or PHP.

Note that the free version of Slazzer allows you to remove the background from a maximum of 10 images. Then you will have to proceed to checkout.

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