Rename multiple files at once with Simplest File Renamer

Renaming a file is a simple operation, regardless of your operating system (Windows, macOS or Linux). However, when it comes to rename several tens or hundreds of files according to a precise nomenclature, the OS are quickly limited. It is then necessary to go through third-party software. The good news is that there are plenty of them. The bad news is that there are far too many… Finding the right tool then becomes difficult. Of all the existing solutions, Simplest File Renamer has a few points to make. We explain this in more detail in this article.

A handy renaming utility!

Simplest File Renamer is a handy software that allows you to rename multiple files at the same time. This can be useful if you need to rename a group of files, or if you want to add a specific prefix or suffix to multiple files. The program is very easy to use and can save you a lot of time when renaming a large number of files.

One of the attractive features of Simplest File Renamer is its number of compatible operating systems. Indeed, developer Boris Yakubchik had the good idea to port his software to Linux, macOS and Windows. A “portable Windows” version is even available. It does not require installation, and the program launches directly from the downloaded file.

In addition, it is an open source software whose code is freely available. on the GitHub platform. If you want, you can therefore download it to make changes or improvements.

The operation of the software is very simple. For rename multiple files at oncedo the following:

1. When opened, the application displays “Drag & Drop files here” which indicates the area where to drag and drop the files to be renamed. Alternatively, you can also click the “+” at the bottom to add files. Once done, the files appear in two columns, the originals on the left, and the renamed ones on the right (pending validation).

Simplest File Renamer

2. Renaming is done by clicking on the “✏️ pencil” at the bottom, which opens the notepad. From there, you can perform any changes you want. A good knowledge of keyboard shortcuts and notepad options are necessary to get the most out of this tool, but once mastered, the time savings are considerable!

Rename multiple files at the same time

3. When the renaming is complete, save the changes (File > Save) and close Notepad. The changes will be reflected in the right list of the application.

4. To validate the changes, you must click on the “✔️” icon at the bottom of the window. All your files are then renamed, and it only took a few seconds!

Due to its clean interface and limited renaming features, Simplest File Renamer earns its name unequivocally. However, its use remains reserved for people who handle computers with ease. If it is a question of renaming five documents before sending them by email, everyone can do it without problem thanks to the tool. However, if it is a question of renaming hundreds or thousands of files, by integrating dynamic numbers or dates, the operation will be less easy for neophytes.

And you, what software do you use when you want to rename files en masse? Share your best software and tips with us in the comments!

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