Replay Heroes of Might and Magic II with this new engine

Who here remembers Heroes of Might and Magic II ?

This turn-based strategy game developed for Windows by New World Computing was the first Might and Magic title published by The 3DO Company and the second installment in the Heroes of Might and Magic series.

The sequel to Heroes of Might and Magic was released on October 1, 1996 to extremely critical acclaim. The game was hailed with multiple awards from numerous publications and sold extremely well. Its lifespan has been extended thanks to two expansion packs, Heroes II: The Price of Loyalty and Heroes II: Desecrated Lands.

In this game, you must therefore embody a hero (Necromancer, Magician, Knight, Barbarian, Witch and Mage) who must acquire new skills and build his kingdom by capturing the castles of others and fighting their army.

In short, all that to say that 1996 is starting to date and even if the game can be found on Gog, you can rediscover it through FHeroes 2.

This cross-platform open source project, developed from scratch by fans, is designed to reproduce the original game with significant improvements in gameplay, graphics and game logic. FHeroes supports high resolution graphics, features improved AI, many fixes as well as UI improvements.

This port of the Heroes of Might and Magic II engine allows you to rediscover this legendary title while enjoying the current comfort of our machines with quality graphics and fixed bugs.

FHeroes will work equally well on Windows, macOS and Linux and surprise you, you can even play it on your Nintendo Switch or on your old PS Vita. Obviously, you will need the original files of the game to enjoy it, so still go through the box “purchase of the Gog” or “Torrent fell from the truck”.

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But you can also make do with the demo files that are included in the FHeroes zips.

To install FHeroes 2, it’s here that it happens.

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