Secure Your Inspiration and Ideas with Memos

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I often have numerous ideas in mind, but as you know, life’s whirlwind often prevents us from capturing and leveraging them. While there are various note-taking tools available, such as the popular Notion or Apple’s Notes app, those concerned about privacy and who appreciate free software may prefer self-hosting a tool like Memos.

Memos is a tool developed in Go and React.js, capable of running in Docker, which enables you to quickly jot down your next startup idea or tonight’s dinner plans (although there’s always delivery, right?). The Memos interface resembles Twitter and allows you to take extensive notes in markdown format, attach files, add tags, and more.

You have the flexibility to use Memos for personal use or create accounts for your colleagues and friends, opening up possibilities for collaboration and shared ideas. Moreover, Memos offers more than just a note-taking platform; it serves as a valuable resource for researching your best punchlines or ideas.

All your data is securely stored in an SQLite database, and you have the option to switch to a French interface and enable a dark theme if you find it easier on your eyes. Additionally, Memos provides an API, allowing you to connect it with your own tools for enhanced integration and productivity.

To be discovered here. And there’s a testable demo here to make your own feedback before you install it.

Lucille B Reedy

Lucille B Reedy is Senior Writer at Easy Tech Tutorials, where she covers the world of technology, hacking, cybersecurity, surveillance and privacy.

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