If you want to transmit to someone else or to another machine on your local network, or at the other end of the Internet, I present to you ShareDrop which takes up the concept of Apple’s Airdrop, except that there, everything happens directly in your browser.

It is therefore a direct transfer that is established between you and your correspondent, without going through a third-party server for the transmission of the file. It is therefore practical to avoid storage services such as WeTransfer and company.

sharedrop sharing window

This airdrop clone uses WebRTC for forwarding and Firebase for connection management and WebRTC reporting. The interface is pretty cute and each person has their own funny avatar and name.

For local transfer, there is nothing more to do than go to the ShareDrop site, but if you want to transfer files to a machine on the net (therefore not local), you will have to click on the little “+” at the top right and pass the link or scan QR Code.

We just tested with the friends on Twitch and it works well, but it obviously depends on the Internet speeds of each one.

Downloading on Sharedrop

ShareDrop works on Desktop and Android with Chrome, Opera, Firefox or Safari. And since the sources are on Github, you can even install it on your small personal server !

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