Sessions, a video conferencing service with collaboration tools

Videoconferencing platforms , there are all kinds. And this does not facilitate the choice of users. If you are looking for a practical, free and accessible tool to organize your online meetings , we suggest you give Sessions a chance . Thanks to this platform, you will have all your collaboration tools at your fingertips. Without further ado, we are going to introduce you to this service and all these features!

Find all your collaboration tools in one place

Choosing a video conferencing service should always be based on your needs. If you want a tool that allows you to work faster and connect more easily with your collaborators , Sessions is what you need.

This free video conferencing platform was created by developer Radu Negulescu. The latter used his own experience to develop Sessions . Indeed, as he explains, he was wasting time, energy and concentration navigating from one application to another during the online meetings he organized.

So he had the idea to design Sessions, a tool that brings together all your collaboration tools in one place . So when you have an online meeting, you won’t have to leave the platform if you need to open another application. Everything can be done on Sessions with a single click.

Features that will appeal to professionals

Sessions has several features that are sure to appeal to professionals . It has a built-in calendar that makes it easier for you to organize your online meetings . It also offers you access to all the information relating to a meeting via its “Memory” option.

Its ” SlideShow ” function offers you the possibility of sharing a presentation directly from the platform . The ” Smartboard ” option , on the other hand, provides you with an interactive whiteboard that is integrated into your online conference. “ Questions ” is a feature that allows you to organize FAQs .

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To use Sessions, all you need to do is register on this site . The use of the platform is free.

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