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Do you often spend your free time on YouTube? Do you like certain videos for their fun, playful or rather practical, instructive or even inspiring side? Often, it is via digital platforms that we pass to share the most significant things with our relatives and friends, it may be that while watching a video on YouTube, you come across an extract that you absolutely want to share. on your networks. But how to do it ? ytCropper  can help you achieve this.

What is ytCropper?

ytCropper is a specialized free online tool that will let you cut any video on YouTube to extract the part you want to share on digital platforms. This tool, very easy to use, will not only allow you to access the video that appealed to you, but also to cut it to the duration you want, then allow you to transfer a link to this modified video on the social networks or to integrate it on your site.

How it works ?

Nothing’s easier. All you need to do first is identify the video you want to cut. Then copy-paste the YouTube link of the video on ytCropper and press ” Crop! ” “. Once this step is completed, you will see two blue dots which will allow you to set the length of the video. In other words, to select only the part of the video that you want to share on the networks. Finally, pressing “ Crop! ” you’ll get a few seconds later an embed code and a direct link to the video you edited.

You can use the embed link to add the video to your blog or you can send the cropped video direct link to your social media accounts or via email, SMS or other social platform.

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Simple, fast and easy to use, ytCropper is an excellent tool to crop your YouTube videos or those that have marked you and share them with your community. 

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