Shell – The Essential Contextual Menu Manager for Windows

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Hey, Windows users! Are you interested in customizing the contextual menu of the File Explorer in your favorite OS?

If you’re up for it, there’s a tool called Shell that can transform your pop-up menu (the menu that appears when you right-click, for those who are wondering) into a powerful Swiss Army knife.

With Shell, gone are the days when you were stuck with the basic options provided by Microsoft engineers. Now you can create your own commands to quickly access your favorite websites, files, and folders, and even run applications directly from the pop-up menu.

Furthermore, you have the freedom to modify or delete any item added by the system or any third-party software. Isn’t life beautiful?

Capture d'écran de l'interface utilisateur de Shell

So, of course, Shell is free, and it is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11 (x86, x64, arm64).

When it comes to using Shell, you have several options: you can choose to install it via the installer, use the portable version, or rely on Windows Package Manager, Scoop, or Chocolatey. Simply pick the option that suits you best and follow the provided instructions. Everything is explained in a clear manner.

The documentation for Shell is excellent; it provides a wealth of tips and tricks for using it, including command-line usage.

And hey, if you ever find a reason to complain after all that, well, maybe you should consider giving Linux a try. It’s just an idea… haha!”

Download here.

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