Shottr – macOS Screenshot for Developers and Designers

MacOS natively embeds a tool to take screenshots, either of a defined area or of the entire screen. To do this, just use the keyboard shortcuts:

  • CMD + MAJ + 3
  • CMD + MAJ + 4

But if you need to go further with a more precise tool, I invite you to download Shottr.

Shottr launches automatically when your computer starts and after a little configuration which consists of giving it some permissions and disabling the screen capture system shortcuts, you will become the boss of the screen capture.

Thus, Shottr will allow you to take full screen captures, zone captures but also windows with background customization (wallpaper, transparent, solid color, etc.), which is very cool to have something rather clean.

You can also choose the action that will take place after your screenshot. Namely save it, open it in the Shottr editor or display a small thumbnail with different actions (save, edit, upload…etc, what to have the choice).

Shottr also embeds an OCR module which allows you to retrieve the text of the area you have captured. Great for taking a piece of text from a file where copying and pasting is not possible.

The editor will also allow you to put arrows, text, recover colors with an eyedropper but above all to quickly blur or erase elements. Shottr will also allow you to measure the spacing between elements or their size in pixels and display this on the capture. It allows frontend developers to take stock of models, for example.

I leave you with the video that will show you a little more.

Shottr will save you a lot of time with all your captures and you can download it here .

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