Another new browser! But this one should please you!

sidekick is a fast and secure browser designed to optimize your online productivity. Unlike mainstream browsers that make money by embedding their ads, Sidekick relies only on its users’ subscriptions to make money. This allows it to offer a completely new user experience, focused solely on productivity and protecting your data, rather than marketing them.

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Sidekick’s founder, Dmitry Pushkarev, is an expert in biotechnology and cloud computing. He co-founded Moleculo Inc., a genome decoding company as well as ClusterK, an automation software acquired by Amazon. Dmitry held senior positions at Amazon before launching Sidekick.

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Sidekick is like many others, based on Chromium and works much like an operating system, offering direct access to your most used web services and an integrated search engine for all your documents, messages and files. It supports multi-accounting within separate workspaces for your different projects or clients. Ideal for segmenting your activity.

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In terms of features, Sidekick includes an ad blocker that protects your privacy and makes pages load up to three times faster than traditional mainstream browsers. Remember to unblock for support (or join the Patreon !)

The browser also learns from your habits and knows which tabs to sleep to save memory, but also knows which tabs to keep to avoid losing your unsaved work. Smart no?

Sidekick also optimizes memory by pooling the resources allocated to identical web pages and online applications (like Google Docs). This reduces memory consumption by up to 80%. So you can run more web applications without affecting your computer’s performance.

The browser also monitors CPU usage and alerts you when tabs have abnormally high usage, offering to close them.

Not all that bad, right? The best, of course, is still to try it by going here.

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