Significant Impact on Humanity Despite Incremental Advancements in AI

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The average person has had access to a consumer version of artificial intelligence, chatGPT, since November 30th. Progress has been made in all areas of AI, including the use of AI in specialized scientific fields such as protein folding.

AlphaFold, an AI program, has revolutionized the process of protein folding calculations, allowing for faster and higher quality results. This has significant implications for the development of tailor-made drugs and genetic modifications.

Microsoft has recently released a paper on GPT-4, the current version of the OpenAI engine, which suggests that it demonstrates a level of general intelligence surpassing previous models. GPT-4 can solve difficult problems in various fields, including mathematics, coding, vision, medicine, and law without any special help, and its performance is often comparable to or exceeds that of humans.

The researchers involved suggest that GPT-4 could be considered a first version of an artificial general intelligence (AGI) system.

The paper provides examples of GPT-4’s abilities, such as its modeling capacity in space, ability to refine its drawings, and passing computer tests offered by Amazon during job interviews with a score of 100% in just 4 minutes. Despite some errors, GPT-4 is demonstrating increasing abilities to understand tasks and even common sense.

The speed at which AI is advancing suggests that it will replace advanced specialization in many intellectual fields, and the next world will need generalists. The impact of AI is growing stronger, faster, and deeper than many experts had predicted.

Despite some comical mistakes in basic math skills such as square roots or counting elements in a set, GPT4 is progressively demonstrating a deeper understanding of tasks assigned to it, and even exhibiting a certain level of common sense. However, there are still some doubts about its capabilities.

It appears that the next world, if there is one, is currently evolving at an astonishing pace, with artificial intelligence making increasingly powerful, faster, and more profound impacts. The results of GPT4 have surprised many experts, who had not expected to see such advancements until 2027 or even 2030.

In this new world, it is becoming evident that any specialized intellectual task will soon be replaced by artificial intelligence, which can perform faster and with better accuracy. Therefore, the future will require generalists to succeed.

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