Slither – “To” infinity and beyond

Well, I know it’s August and it’s pretty quiet in terms of work, but that’s no reason to spend all this time on Pointerno, but oh!

Instead, I recommend you go zone out on Slither.ioa wonderful little game similar to Snake, where you evolve in the infinite space of galaxies to eat small marbles in order to become the biggest specimen around.

But be careful, danger lurks, because if you hit another worm, you will be immediately disintegrated. You will have understood it, a verse and hello the damage. But if it’s him who hits you, then you can eat his little marbles and become big in turn. Yes, worms are satanic.

The game is playable in solo or multiplayer, which is cool because I have the impression that your colleagues are also watching the flies fly.

For once getting fat is cool, we’re not going to complain. Yes, dieticians, you have to calm down there.

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