SnipClip: Record Your Screen for Free and Without Limits

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Do you need to record your computer screen for making a presentation, a demonstration, or simply sharing a video with your friends? While there are numerous screen recording apps available, many of them require installation and come with limitations or watermarks. Fortunately, there is an online solution that allows you to record your screen freely and without any restrictions: SnipClip. To discover more about this web application and its functionality, we invite you to continue reading this article.

SnipClip, the best online screen recorder

SnipClip is a web application that enables you to effortlessly record your computer screen directly from your web browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and more. The best part is, there’s no requirement to install any software. SnipClip can be accessed from any Internet-connected computer, whether it runs on Windows 11/10, macOS, or Linux.

The app is entirely free and devoid of any advertisements, recording limitations, or watermarks. This means you can record unlimited videos without any disruptions. SnipClip offers three recording modes: screen-only recording, screen recording with your webcam, or webcam-only recording. This versatility allows you to tailor your video recording to suit your specific requirements. Furthermore, you have the option to include or exclude sound while recording your screen.

Videos recorded using SnipClip are saved in the WebM format, which is an open format widely supported by web browsers. However, if you need to convert your files to another format, SnipClip provides an online converter that can convert WebM files to MP4.

Aside from its simple and intuitive interface, SnipClip also offers keyboard shortcuts to enhance your recording experience and efficiency. Here are some examples of available shortcuts:

  • s: Select screen as the recording source
  • x: Select screen and webcam as the recording source
  • c: Select webcam as the recording source
  • ,: Access recorder preferences
  • Shift + R: Start recording
  • Shift + P: Pause recording
  • Shift + E: Resume recording
  • Shift + S: Stop recording
  • Shift + D: Download the recording
  • Shift + N: Start a new recording
  • Shift + ?: Open the help guide for keyboard shortcuts

With SnipClip, you can enjoy a seamless screen recording experience without any installation hassles or limitations. Its user-friendly interface and convenient features make it an excellent choice for capturing your screen activities effortlessl

How to use SnipClip?

1. Go to the SnipClip website .

2. From the home page of the site, select the registration mode you want:

  • Screen
  • Screen + webcam (Screen + Camera)
  • Webcam (Camera)

3. Next, click “ Select screen ” to choose what you want to save: a tab, a window, or the whole screen.

Record Screen to Video with SnipClip

4. Then click on ” Share “, then grant the necessary permissions for the proper functioning of the web application.

5. Additionally, if you click on the three vertical dots, you will find three options:

  • Record Audio : allows you to record audio in addition to video.
  • Countdown Timer : activate the countdown before recording the video (3 seconds).
  • High Resolution: Record the screen in high-definition video.
Customize SnipClip

6. Finally, to start recording, click on the “Record” button (the red dot) or use the keyboard shortcut MajR.

Start video recording with SnipClip

7. When you are done, click the “Record” button again to stop recording or use the keyboard shortcut MajS.

8. You can then preview your recording and download it in WebM format by clicking on the ” Download recording ” button.

Download video recording in WebM format

✅ Congratulations, you now know how to film/ record screen with sound from your computer with SnipClip.

What you must remember

SnipClip is indeed the ideal tool for individuals seeking a simple and efficient screen recording solution. With its free and ad-free nature, absence of recording limitations, and versatile recording modes, it provides an exceptional experience. Don’t wait any longer – give SnipClip a try today and unlock the power of effortless screen recording!

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