Sniply : a tool to boost conversions by displaying a CTA on any content

On a daily basis, brands regularly share content related to their sector of activity found on the web. What if it was possible to use this watch to boost your conversion rate? That’s what the creators of Sniply offer . This is a tool in English that allows you to insert Call-To-Action (CTA) on the content that you share.

Increase your web conversion rate

Sniply offers various features, starting with the URL shortener. It is enough to embed its URL so that it is modified and shortened. You can then access all the statistics related to it. Although this option is useful, the interest of Sniply is much more important. Indeed, it allows you to add your own CTA on any web page, whether you own it or not.

Creating a CTA is done in minutes. Illustration: Sniply.

Let’s say a sneaker e-commerce company wants to share an article about a new pair of shoes launched by a celebrity. Just copy the page URL and paste it on the tool interface. We then create our CTA. It is then necessary to share the link generated at the end of the process, for example on social networks, so that readers interact with the CTA. Note that these can be in the form of a text pop-up, a newsletter subscription form, an advertisement with an image, etc.

Thanks to the Sniply Summary option, it is possible to display only the content and the CTA on a simple and uncluttered interface. Any element that could distract the reader and divert attention from the CTA is removed, including competitor advertisements.

Of course, it is essential to track the performance of the button or banner that has been added. To do this, just use the Sniply dashboard. It brings together all the most important metrics: evolution of the web conversion rate, click rate, bounce rate or even the time spent on the pages. CTAs can also be added to Facebook Pixel, Twitter Pixel and Google Ads to retarget users.

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So it’s worth saying that Sniply is effective for customer conversion. Right now, all of these benefits are available for $69 for life instead of $1,500. Thanks to this offer, five people from the same team can use the platform and the tool can be used for ten brands, up to a limit of 20,000 clicks per month on CTAs. Of course, licenses with more access are offered.

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