Some tips to optimize your presence on Google My Business

Google My Business is a tool allowing the creation of an establishment file which boosts local referencing on the web. In practice, when requests are made on the Internet, Internet users can obtain information on companies and services located near their location. This allows for more relevant and personalized search results.

Google My Business establishment listings therefore appear in search results and provide the best information to the Internet user about a service or company. In particular, he can see addresses, opening and closing times, customer reviews, type of business, contact details, etc. This information can also appear on maps when searching on Google Maps. Google My Business is therefore a tool for gaining visibility very quickly and for improving the image of a company.

Presence on Google My Business, a local issue

Today, the presence on Google My Business is very useful to appear in the search results of mobile users, these Internet users who use mobile devices to surf the Internet. When we know that they now represent more than half of web users, it is obvious that the stakes of a business listing on Google My Business are all the more important. Companies on GMB may appear at the top of the page. The buttons on the card promote the visit of the website, allow to put a notice or to call directly.

An asset for SEO and local marketing

Before learning more about Google My Business and rushing on it, it is worth first looking at the notions of local marketing and local SEO. These two terms bring together a set of strategies and techniques that the company must use to increase its visibility , its branding as well as its sales in a geographical radius that is close to its premises. It is moreover to meet this objective linked to localization that Google My Business was created.

Google created this free tool so that each company, service or service provider in all fields can have their business card on the web, even if you don’t have a website (which is the case with countless small local traders). Google My Business makes it possible in particular to display essential information such as the address of the company, its opening and closing times, the route to access the premises as well as photos or videos concerning the company. It is also a tool that facilitates the collection of consumer opinions visible directly on the search engine, which makes it possible to appear at the top of the page during the search.

Users more familiar with Google My Business can also combine it with Google Ads to do more location-based targeting on business content.

An essential SEO tool for local positioning

As more and more Internet users carry out their research via a mobile medium, it has become essential to pay attention to its local positioning . Indeed, companies must adapt to the nomadism and immediacy that characterize today’s research.

The SEO optimizations to be carried out on the Google My Business page are similar to those that must be carried out on a blog article or a page: title, description, text, categories… It is a tool whose effectiveness can vary from one locality to another. For example, it will be difficult to position yourself at the top of search results only thanks to the Google My Business listing for a company located in the heart of Paris. On the other hand, this sheet can make all the difference for a business located in a village where competition is still rare.

For institutions that have several geographical locations, it is essential to create a file for each location , regardless of their distance from each other. This is also the whole issue of local positioning: to be visible and highlighted for Internet users who are located in direct proximity to you.

Google My Business, a tool to take care of the company’s e-reputation

In practice, Google My Business is the best digital business card a company can dream of. Its power lies in the fact that it improves the relationship between customers and brands by presenting the latter from the research phase. Indeed, most purchase intentions begin with research and seeing this digital business card can be a source of motivation pushing the customer to go to the store.

As the Google My Business listing contains a section devoted entirely to positive customer reviews, the company has a fabulous advertisement with these “User Generated Content” (UGC). These are all testimonials allowing other Internet users to get an idea of ​​the services and products that you market . Even negative reviews can be used in favor of the company in the sense that they allow you to correct errors, show that you are responsive by responding and find tailor-made solutions to respond to complaints.

How to configure your Google My business listing?

Fill in the contact details of the company

The first step is to go to the Google My Business site, then you have to connect to your Google account or in this case to that of the company and fill in the form to create business listings.

To do this, you will need to provide the following information:

  • The address
  • The activity
  • Contact details

To properly reference your file, you must take care to fill in all the requested elements and not skip any of them. With this tool, Google gives you the opportunity to present your establishment in the most professional way possible and to attract prospects without having to spend a fortune on advertising . It is therefore advisable to take advantage of it and use it to be well categorized and to be one step ahead of the competition.

Choose categories

Once the contact details of the company have been filled in, you must choose the categories. For this step, it is important to note that Google gives the possibility of adding up to 9 categories of activities in order to be able to appear on different requests made by Internet users.

Here, we will take the example of the Mw-concept sheet on Google My Business , a communication agency from Compiègne. Let’s see how this company chose to position itself, knowing that GMB will suggest categories to it as the listing is filled out.

Selected categories:

  • Website Designer, Marketing Agency, Internet Marketing Service
  • Banner Advertising Store
  • Advertising company

Another example is the pizzeria Le Vézuvio in Compiègne, which could put in the main category:

  • Restaurant

Then in secondary categories:

  • Italian restaurant
  • Pizzeria
  • Restaurant specializing in Tuscan cuisine
  • Restaurant specializing in Ligurian cuisine

Fill in the descriptions part

For descriptions (whether short or long), it is important to place different keywords within the text. These must be related:

  • To the merchant’s activity
  • At the establishment
  • At the establishment and its locality
  • To the products sold
  • At times
  • Branded (if the establishment is linked to a specific brand)

Your business description should be approximately 750 characters long.

Let’s take the example of the restaurant Le Vézuvio:

The restaurant Le Vézuvio – Your Italian restaurant in Compiègne. Pizza for all tastes, fresh pasta, lasagna, homemade desserts, tiramisu, Dolce & Piccante will take you on a meal in Italy. So meet at 30 rue de l’église in Kayl, Monday to Saturday, from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. then from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. to have an exceptional time!

Here the description is 342 characters, so it is quite possible to complete it to reach 750 characters.

Add pictures

In order to better present your business and attract prospects who will have a better idea of ​​the place, the ideal is to have:

  • A picture of the company logo
  • At least one photo of the storefront
  • At least one photo of the interior of the establishment
  • Photos of the products/services sold

This step in particular is very important because studies have shown that the presence of a profile image would represent a particular attraction for Internet users. Indeed, companies that choose to put a profile picture receive 42% more visits .

In general, it is recommended to opt for a visual or a photo that evokes what the company offers in terms of products or services. The logo can also appear there, but it is not imperative that it constitutes the profile photo as such.

The cover photo must be chosen in accordance with the graphic charter and the image that the company wishes to convey. If you intend to include additional photos, you can choose those that offer an overview of your products or even images that present the business itself such as the storefront, interior, etc.

As for the technical criteria, the images must be in PNG or JPG format and, unless it is the work of a professional, it is recommended not to choose images that have been modified by editing software. photo editing. The size of the images should be between 10 KB and 5 MB while the resolution should be between 720 pixels in height and 720 px in width.

Add company website

If your business does not have a website, you can fill in this category with the establishment page on your directory.

Here is an example :

If Dolce & Piccante does not have a website, it is quite possible for it to put this URL: In this way, the company allows the Internet user to find other elements concerning his establishment which did not appear on his GMB file.

You can also use your Facebook Page address for this part of the Google My Business listing.

Maximize visibility with Google My Business

Once your Google My Business listing has been completed, you don’t have to stop there. There are still many possibilities offered by the tool to boost the visibility of your company.

Publish news in the post part

Google Posts have recently been added to the Google My Business tool and are a form of free targeted search engine advertising. Although still relatively limited, their use can be very advantageous because these Posts are an additional lever of communication with the company’s customers.

Ask for reviews from your satisfied customers and respond to all reviews (positive or not)

At a time when UGC or User Generated Content is more important than ever for SEO, customers must be offered a space where they can express themselves and give their opinion. Feedback from satisfied customers is the best advertisement and increases profile visibility. In addition, giving your customers a voice already shows them the interest you have in them.

You should also make sure to respond to comments even if they are not positive. This feedback is the perfect opportunity to improve the company’s services and show its willingness to listen to its customers .

The number of comments contained in the dedicated section is a major element taken into account in the referencing of the company profile. Positive feedback attracts and convinces more prospects. For their part, negative comments have no impact on SEO as such. It is therefore always in the interest of the company to leave the field open to consumers to express themselves.

In the same vein, you will find under the reviews tab that of the chat, which allows users who consult your Google My Business listing to get in touch with you directly. A considerable asset for the customer relationship . The more active you are, the higher you will go up in the Google SERPs.


The usefulness of this tab no longer needs to be proven. This is the part of the Google My Business tool that allows you to analyze in detail all the possible interactions with the business listing. In particular, you will be able to see what data customers are looking for in priority and thus identify the most frequent behaviors. This will help you determine if people have found you through a direct search , by entering your name directly into the search engine, or through another type of query. This will improve the conversion path and increase sales.

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